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Java for Begineers & Intermediate

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I am glad to welcome you all to my Java blog. I am working for an E-learning concern as a Subject Matter Expert on Java. My objective is to make people to start up their career in the world of Java.

Herewith I am providing the free video tutorial of Java for level I & II. You may comment on this video's so that I can give the best output to my learners. I am looking forward to your precious comments and suggestions on this lesson list & tutorial.

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Java 2 Standard Edition 6 – Lesson List

Chapter 01: Author Mentoring
1. Audience for this Course
2. Job Roles and Job Opportunities
3. Pre-requisite Knowledge and Skills
4. Inspire with Java

Chapter 02: Fundamentals of Java
5. History of Java
6. What is Java?
7. Why do we learn Java?
8. What’s new in Java SE 6?
9. Migration from ‘C’ & ‘C++’ to Java

10. Course Objective

Chapter 03: Setting up the Environment for Java

11. Checklist for Java Installation
12. Step by Step Installation Process
13. Developing Environment

14. Troubleshooting

Chapter 04: An Overview of Java

15. Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
16. Java is a Platform Independent Language
17. Explaining the First Java Program
18. Executing the First Java Program

Chapter 05: Essentials for Java Programming

19. What are Data Types?
20. What are Variables?
21. What are Operators?
22. What is Type Casting?

23. Creating Arrays

Chapter 06: Control Statements
24. ‘If-else’ & ‘Nested-If’ Statement
25. Switch Statement
26. For Loop & For-each Loop
27. While Loop & Do-while Loop

Chapter 07: Classes and Objects
28. What are Class and its Features?
29. What are Object and its Features?
30. Creating Method
31. Access Specifiers
32. What is ‘final’ and its Uses?
33. Inner Class

Chapter 08: A Closer Look at Methods
34. Method with & without Return type
35. Method with Single & Multiple Parameters
36. Static Method
37. Recursion
38. Method Overloading

Chapter 09: Constructor
39. What is Constructor and its Types?
40. Initializing an Object using Constructor
41. Constructor Overloading
42. Role of Garbage Collection in Java

Chapter 10: Inheritance

43. Basics of Inheritance
44. Method Overriding
45. Use of ‘this’ Keyword

46. Use of ‘super’ Keyword
47. Achieving Multilevel Inheritance

Chapter 11: Packages & Interfaces
48. Defining a Package
49. Java Built-in Packages (API)
50. What are Interfaces?
51. What is Abstract Class?
52. Interface Vs Abstract Class

Chapter 12: Exception Handling
53. Understanding the Exception Handling
54. Using ‘try’ and ‘catch’ block
55. Nested ‘try’ and Multiple ‘catch’ blocks
56. Throw, Throws and Finally
57. Custom Exceptions

Chapter 13: Multithreading Concepts
58. What are Threads and its Life Cycle?
59. Extending Thread Class
60. Implementing Runnable Interface
61. Creating Multiple Threads
62. Thread Synchronization
63. Using isAlive() and join()

Chapter 14: String Handling
64. String Class
65. Working with Constructors of String Class
66. Working with String Methods
67. StringBuffer Class
68. Working with StringBuffer Methods

Chapter 15: Exploring Java Applet
69. Basics of Java Applet
70. Life Cycle of an Applet
71. Creating First Java Applet
72. Executing First Java Applet
73. An Applet HTML Tags and its Attributes

Chapter 16: Java.lang Package
74. Overview of java.lang Package
75. ‘Class’ and ‘Object’ Classes
76. Wrapper Classes

Chapter 17: IO Package
77. Overview of Package
78. DataInputStream Class
79. DataOutputStream Class
80. FileReader Class
81. FileWriter Class
82. Overview of java.nio Package
83. Charset Class
84. Channels Class

Chapter 18: Useful Tools in the java.util Package
85. Overview of java.util Package
86. Set Interface
87. Map Interface
88. Iterator Interface
89. Calendar Class
90. Date Class
91. ArrayList Class
92. Vector Class

Chapter 19: AWT Package
93. Overview of java.awt Package
94. AWT Controls
95. Using Label, Text Field and Button Classes
96. Using Checkbox and Radio button Classes
97. Using Layout Managers

Chapter 20: Event Handling
98. Overview of Event Handling
99. ActionListener Interface
100. KeyEvent Class
101. Mouse Event Class

Chapter 21: Java Foundation Classes – Swing
102. Introducing Swing & JApplet Class
103. AWT Vs Swing
104. Using Tables
105. Working with Menu

Chapter 22: Graphics Programming
106. Coloring an Applet
107. Adding Graphics into an Applet
108. Font Class
109. Importing Images

Chapter 23: Network Programming
110. Overview of Package
111. The InetAddress Class
112. Socket Class
113. URL Class

Chapter 24: JDBC and JavaBeans
114. Overview of JDBC –The DriverManager Class
115. The Connection Interface
116. Database Access through JDBC
117. Creating and Executing the Statement
118. Sample JDBC Program
119. Concepts of JavaBeans
120. JAR Files, JAR Commands & Manifest File

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